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How to Make Macrame Feather Leaf- DIY Plume Macrame

how to make macrame Feather Leaf

So, this Macrame feather leaf has been spamming my Pinterest feed lately and every time I look at it, my hands start itching to make one for myself too. That is why I decided to give it a try and break it down for you too, a detailed tutorial on how to make the macrame feather leaf. I wanted to make this a bit different so here I have used thick wool, some kind of merino wool that was available on amazon. However, you can use a cotton string, silk, rayon, hemp, jute, or nylon depending on your macrame project. But for this wispy macrame leaf, a cotton string or wool works better. Also, they come in different colors and thicknesses.

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What all you need to Make the Macrame feather leaf ???

How to make the Plume Leaf ??

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square knot macrame

This is the easiest Macrame there is, Ofcourse!! after the fishnet macrame. If you are into Macrame do Check out How to knot a Fishnet Macrame, I am sure you will like that too. Now, Coming back to this.

First of all, you need a cotton string, as I mentioned earlier you can use yarn as well. Just follow the technique and give it your twist.

Take a cotton string and cut one 16″ inch strand, this will be the spine of the feather leaf. Fold in half. Either tie a knot on the top of the string or Fix it to something like a nail, a twig, or you can even tape it or make a lark head knot.

Cut 8 strands of 8″ inches, 6 strands of 6″ inches, 4 strands of 4″ inches. you can avoid this step, if you wish to and keep all the strands of 8″ length and cut it into a leaf shape later. Since I did not want to waste the wool that’s why this step. 

Next, we will make a square knot, to make the square knot take two strands of 8″ inch length. Place one strand, let’s name it “A” fold it in half and tuck it under the spine of the leaf. Now, take another 8″ inch strand, will call it “B” fold in half and place it over the spine of the leaf.

To make a square knot, Hold the tail of the strand “B” and loop it through the head of strand “A”. Likewise, take the head of “B” and loop through the tail of “A”. Hold bother the ends and lightly pull them through, making a square knot.

Repeat the entire process until you have attached all the pieces on the leaf and Tie a Double Knot at the bottom.

Now, brush out the string with a pet brush, or a fine comb. Always, use a cutting board so that you don’t scratch out the surface of your furniture. This wool doesn’t need to be combed so I have left this step.

macrame feather leaf

Using a sharp pair of scissors, start cutting the strings into a feather shape, comb again, and trim where necessary. Finally, Trim, and spray a coat of fabric stiffener if you like.

macrame feather leaf diy

Voila!! The Macrame Feather Leaf is ready!! Hang in on a wall as wall art, you can also make earrings, keychains, just adjust the size accordingly.  I hope I made it easy for you and inspired you enough to try this for yourself. Please, share if you do so. I would love to see your versions.

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